5 Keys to Having Your Dream Wedding for $5,000 Or Less

When we got engaged, we had beautiful dreams of a wonderful wedding. Many of our friends were getting married at the time so we attended their weddings and imagined what our wedding would be like. We wanted our wedding to reflect our special love for one another while giving our family and friends an opportunity to celebrate with us.

The only obstacle to achieving our wedding dreams seemed to be our very limited financial resources. In a community where the average cost of a wedding was more than $24,000 the huge cost of a wedding loomed in front of us like a locked door blocking the path to our dream wedding. It seemed ridiculous to sink so much money into our first day of married life. Yes our wedding day would be special but should it warrant such wild spending? We refused to believe that wedding dreams should have to be purchased at such a high cost that would inevitably put a pinch on our newlywed finances.

After consulting both of our bank accounts, we agreed that we could comfortably afford to spend up to $2,000 on our wedding day.

We chose to believe that we could achieve all our wedding dreams by using just five keys. These keys made our dream wedding possible. Since then, we have helped thousands of brides and grooms use these very same keys to unlock the door to their dream weddings.

Key #1: Know Your Budget

Wedding spending can be a very slippery slope. Unless you know exactly how much you can afford for each aspect of your wedding it will be very difficult for you to say no to all kinds of upgrades and add-ons. Before you know it, the dream wedding you imagined will have turned into a monster with a life of its own and your wedding expenses will have snowballed out of control.

You should carefully consider how much you want to spend on your wedding. Keep in mind that after the wedding thank you notes are written you will be faced with everyday bills like rent and everyday problems like a car breaking down. Do your best to make sure that the expense of your wedding isn’t a part of these financial stresses.

You can easily find a helpful wedding budget online that will calculate how much of your overall budget should be applied to each aspect of your wedding.

Your budget should guide how much you spend on each part of your wedding planning. You will be amazed to discover that simply knowing your spending limits will open up great doors to savings that you never knew existed.

Key #2: Know What You Want

The wedding world is full of all kinds of marketers trying to persuade you to believe that what they are offering is essential to the success of your wedding.

Before you get swept along like a flower petal on a river, anchor yourself by thinking about what is really important to your wedding.

Ask yourself why you want to have a wedding ceremony and reception. What is keeping you from simply visiting the justice of the peace or taking a trip to Las Vegas? Once you know why you want a wedding ceremony and reception you can start to envision what your wedding day should be like.

You need to know what goals your wedding is meant to achieve. If one of your goals is to have a fun celebration of your marriage with your family and friends, then you will want to focus on making your reception everything you want it to be. If another goal is to have lots of beautiful photographic memories of your wedding day, then you will want to make sure that you hire a good photographer and choose a venue with beautiful background scenery.

You probably have more than one goal for your wedding but if you think carefully about it you should be able to think of one primary goal for your wedding. The purpose of our wedding, for instance, was to be an occasion for our guests to celebrate our marriage with us. Once you know the primary goal for your wedding, you can make sure that all of your other wedding goals support your wedding’s overall purpose.

You can then design your wedding with your primary purpose in mind. Knowing what you really want from your wedding will allow you to focus your wedding dollars and your energy on what is really important to making your wedding dreams come true.

Key #3: Know Your Resources

Even if you are not expecting either of your parents to pay for your wedding, you should still check in with them to find out if they are able to contribute in any way. You might be surprised to find out that they were waiting for you to come to them and invite them to help you reach your wedding planning goals. They may be able to offer to pay for a certain aspect of your wedding such as the wedding cake or the wedding dress. Or they might be able to write a check to cover some portion of your wedding costs. They might be able to give you a tip on where you can get a great deal on your wedding and reception venues. Bottom line is that you won’t know until you ask. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your parents can’t help.

As you think about the various roles that need to be filled at your wedding ceremony and reception, try to think of family members and friends who would do a great job filling each position. Don’t forget about classmates, co-workers, and members of your church. Among all of these people you will surely know a crafty individual who could arrange your flowers, a musician, or someone who can fill any other role in your wedding planning.

People are often generous when they know who they are helping and will give you a great deal on the service you need. Just be sure to express heart-felt thanks for any services provided to you at special pricing. You may even want to give a thoughtful thank you gift to individuals who are particularly generous.

As you think about a location for your ceremony or reception, try to also think about which of your friends and family members are associated with that venue. If the owners of the venue know you or someone you know they are more likely to give you a special discount price when you ask to use their location.

Key #4: Know What to Spend Your Energy On

Planning a successful wedding can take up a lot of time and energy. You should try to delegate time consuming projects like flower arranging and table decorations to willing helpers. You will stay busy enough just coordinating and overseeing everything.

Most of your friends would love to help you with your wedding in some way. They are probably waiting to be invited to have a part in your wedding planning and you won’t know it until you ask them.

We were talking with a friend today who told us that she assumed her friends did not want to help her with her wedding because they were not approaching her with offers to help. As a result, she ended up asking only three of her friends to be a part of the wedding planning process. She told us that after the wedding she found out many of her friends were disappointed that they were never invited to have a part in her wedding planning. They were all hoping to help with the wedding in some way but did not feel right interfering with the bride’s plans.

As the bride, it is your responsibility to ask for help. Don’t wait for your friends to come to you – they probably won’t, even if they would like to be a part of your wedding planning team.

You of course do not want to burden any of your friends with too much work. But if you carefully choose friends to help out with key parts of your wedding planning that fit their particular skills and interests, you will find that they’ll consider it an honor to be a part of your wedding planning team.

Just make sure that you honor them in turn by giving them some creative freedom, giving them your time, and by expressing how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate their help.

You could even have some of your friends over for a craft party. Your friends can come over to help you put together a craft that you will give away as favors. You can express your appreciation by providing snacks and buying pizza. This will save you a lot of time while giving you a chance to have a great time with your friends.

By getting your friends and family involved in helping with your wedding planning, you will be freed up to focus on making sure that everything comes together the way you have envisioned for your wedding day.

Key #5: Know Where to Get the Best Deals

When we were planning our wedding, we looked into buying a unity candle along with family candles. We found that the simplest unity candle sets were selling for about $30.

Then we went to the local crafts and hobbies store where we bought the candles we wanted and the desired decorative enhancements for just $7.

At home we assembled them and had our very own unity candle set for just a fraction of the cost that most brides were paying for similar unity candles.

If you are willing to assemble a few pieces, you can find much of what you need at a crafts store where you will pay just a fraction of what you would pay for a ready-made wedding item.

Also keep in mind that your reception is really just a specialized party event. Instead of paying the big bucks for a “wedding reception” table cover, why not take a look at a party store where you will find a “party” table cover at a much lower cost. The only difference will be that it won’t be packaged in a box that says “wedding” on it.

Second-hand is another great way to go when purchasing items for a wedding. Most wedding items are only used one time and then put in storage. Eventually, the owner of the wedding item gets tired of storing it and puts it up for sale on eBay or in the classifieds section of the local newspaper. Check out eBay and the classifieds and you can find anything from tulle to a bridal gown good as new for bargain prices.

An Open Door to Your Wedding Dreams

The five keys we have outlined for you can unlock the door to your dream wedding. Like us, you can grab a hold of those five keys and move forward with planning the wedding of your dreams at whatever cost you are comfortable with. Even if you can only afford to spend $5,000, $3,000, or less than $2,000 like us, your dream wedding is very possible with the five keys we have shared with you.

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Make Your Budget Wedding Look like a Million Bucks!

Contrary to popular opinion, beautiful weddings can be achieved while spending little to none of your (or your parent’s) money. We should know! We planned our beautiful dream wedding on less than $2,000 and want to share a few tips and ideas to help you plan your dream wedding on a tight budget.
Our Money Saving Strategies & Tips for smart wedding planning

The first thing you need to understand about planning a wedding is that the budget is your foundation. That is why we call it wedding planning ON a budget. Before you do any planning, you need to sit down with your fiancé and figure out what you can afford to spend. Consider what type of help your parents will be providing and what you have available in savings. The amount you are both comfortable spending is your wedding budget.

Once you have a set amount of money earmarked, it is time to figure out how you will achieve your dream wedding without spending more money than your budget permits.

You and your fiancĂ© should develop a vision of what your wedding will look like and write it down. Ask yourselves the following questions: What aspects of your dream wedding are most important to you? What would make your wedding day a dream come true? Don’t be shy about flavoring your wedding with touches that reflect your personality. Personal touches not only add meaning, but make the occasion more memorable.

At this point you have two clearly defined goals:
1) A budget that tells what you can reasonably afford to spend.
2) A summary of how you envision your dream wedding.

Keep these written goals in a prominent place in your wedding planning folder and refer to them throughout your planning experience.

Now it's time to save the big bucks! Most brides spend a lot of energy trying to get discounted wedding products and services. These are of course important to successfully planning a wedding on a budget. However, discounted wedding products and services are often not enough to help you achieve your dream wedding within your budget. In addition to discounted products and services, you should follow strategies that will produce FREE wedding products and services for your wedding.

Learn how to get not only discounted but more importantly FREE wedding products and services. Download the wedding planner that reveals how we planned our beautiful dream wedding on a $2,000 budget. Discover our proven tried and true strategies for planning a dream wedding on a tight budget!

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Download Wedding Planning on a Budget to discover how Tim, Lisa, and other
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Bride Wedding Speeches

For most people, giving a speech – any speech, for any occasion – is pretty big news. Statistics show that public speaking consistently ranks in the top 3 major phobias for the average American (and incidentally, those same statistics would also indicate that the average American is more afraid of making a speech than they are of death -!)

Even someone who considers themselves reasonably well practiced at making speeches will often quail from the very idea of making a speech at someone’s wedding. Wedding speeches are the very epitome of what’s terrifying about public speaking: not only do you have to cater for an extremely diverse audience, but the weight of expectation on you to improve the day even more is positively staggering.

So imagine all this from the perspective of the bride -! As the focus of the day, the pressure’s on to give a speech that’s warm, witty, personal, meaningful, and that complements her position as the queen of the day.

That’s no small task!

Fortunately, help is at hand: Sally Samuels, a professional speech-writer with a palpable gift for humor, has written a book that caters specifically to the speech-making needs of the bride on her big day.


Instantly downloadable from, Bride Speeches: Beautiful Words for a Beautiful Occasion is the ultimate speech-making encyclopedia, designed with the bride’s needs, responsibilities, and requirements in mind.

The book aims (and succeeds admirably) to not only supply you with a great selection of sample speeches, but teaches you how to write your very own speech from scratch, too – so if you’re strapped for time or ideas (and, really, is there any such thing as a bride with spare time on her hands?) you can quickly and easily piece together a great speech from the professionally-written samples on hand; or, for the more creative brides-to-be with a real hankering for a truly individual speech, you learn how to construct your very own speech – with detailed instructions from the professionals.


Yes, the main angle of the book is definitely aimed at covering the speech: how to write it, how to be funny, how to include emotion, how to reach out and touch your audience, how to make them fall out of their seats with laughter, how to deliver a quality speech with pride and unshakeable confidence.

But it’s not just about the speech-writing process, or even the delivery itself: Bride Speeches: Beautiful Words for a Beautiful Occasion covers just about every single aspect of bride-dom that you could hope to know about.

Let’s take a look at what you get in the book:

- Access to 20 professionally written, top quality speeches for the Bride (and did I mention that these have been designed so that you can pick and choose the parts that are relevant to you? Simply by changing names, you can create a personalized, individualized speech that’s perfect for your own occasion!)
- More than 100 witty and entertaining sample toasts for you to include in your speech

- Some pretty in-depth information on quelling stage fright, fear of public speaking, and wedding nerves, to enable you to really enjoy yourself

- Practical tips and advice on professional speech-delivery: how to make yourself look and sound great

- The complete Bride etiquette, to enable you to be a well-informed Bride who’s never stuck for the right thing to say or do

- The roles and responsibilities of a Bride: all the information you need to rise to the occasion with grace and panache

- A section on how to plan and prepare adequately for your speech, to make sure you can pull it off flawlessly and with the minimum of pre-speech stress

- Loads of jokes and one-liners to ensure that your speech is memorable for all the right reasons

- A whole section dedicated to wedding-appropriate quotes and poetry for you to add real meaning and emotion to your speech

- Pages and pages of detailed, specific, relevant information to save you time, aggravation, and worry (after all, this is meant to be your big day!)


In addition to everything listed above, you also get three entire bonus books for free:

* Bridal Showers to Remember: an instantly-downloadable online book which supplies you with tons of original, exciting themes and ideas to help your Maid of Honor throw you the best bridal shower ever

* The Bachelorette Party: an instantly-downloadable online book packed with cocktail ideas, themes, party ideas and harmless, witty pranks to keep the party heading in the right direction and full of energy.

* Unstoppable Confidence Audio Program: an instantly-downloadable audio track, put together by a professional hypnotherapist. All you have to do is put on your headphones, sink back into your chair, and listen to your confidence levels rise sky-high.


Two words: highly recommended. Brides have got enough on their plates already without the added stress and strain of delivering a funny, witty, and touching speech in front of everyone they’ve ever cared about (not least of whom is their husband-to-be!)

This book has been designed to cater to every last need of the Bride on her wedding day – everything you could ever need for designing, writing, and delivering an unforgettable speech; how to handle those awkward wedding situations; how to keep everything running smoothly – and above all, how to keep calm, confident, and enjoy yourself.

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The ultimate resource for Brides, this book gets two emphatic thumbs-up!

Mother Of The Bride Wedding Speeches

When your daughter asks you to be the Mother of the Bride at her wedding, you know it’s a huge honor. She’s asking you to take a major role in her wedding day, and to publicly and privately support her as she embarks on her new life with her husband-to-be.

But aside from the sense of honor, there’s also an almost crippling sense of responsibility.

As the Mother of the Bride, you’ll be expected to play a significant role in the wedding, the reception, and to invest a lot of time and emotion in supporting your daughter adequately throughout the (sure-to-be-stressful) days and weeks leading up to the big day. It’s a time when you’ll need to be very, very supportive of your little girl, and do your utmost to ensure that she finds the transition to her new home and new life an easy one.

As well as playing the role of the number-one emotional cheerleader, you’ll also be required to take an active part in the more hands-on aspects of the wedding: helping to choose the wedding dress and the bridesmaids’ outfits, finding and helping to decide upon the wedding’s venue, liaising with the new in-laws, handling the budget, dealing with the invitations and the guest list, and handling wedding and reception details (like seating arrangements, menus, and decoration).


But – despite all the fuss and bother entailed by this tremendous list of responsibility – it’s not usually any of the abovementioned tasks that cause the average Mother of the Bride’s knees to start knocking. Sure, there’s a lot to do, but most mothers are used to that kind of responsibility (or else they wouldn’t be mothers, would they?)

No, the thing that gets most Mothers of the Bride quaking in their shoes is the prospect of making the speech.

Statistics prove that public speaking is the number-one cause of phobias in the American public. We fear speech-making more than death!

Even for people who are accustomed to speaking publicly, a wedding speech is still a whole new kettle of fish: the crowd is notoriously difficult, since everyone is all different ages, no-one really has anything in common except varying degrees of acquaintance with the bride or the groom, and everyone is at different levels of sobriety; the pressure is huge, since you want to please your daughter, impress the new in-laws, make yourself look good, and deliver a touching, emotional, and hopefully-funny speech; and – what with all the other responsibilities clamoring for attention - there’s usually comparatively little time to devote to the speech itself.

Fortunately, somebody out there has come up with the perfect solution for this problem!

I’m talking about Dan Stevens’ Mother of the Bride Speeches – Words of Love: a comprehensive, step-by-step manual that’s completely dedicated to the speech-making duties of the Mother of the Bride. With this package, Dan’s cut out all the dead wood ahead of time: the book doesn’t just deal with making a great speech in general, but how to make a great speech in the exact context of the Mother of the Bride. This means that all the information and tips supplied are 100% relevant and useful.

One of the main selling-points of this book is the fact that you get to choose your own level of input. If you don’t feel like writing a speech from scratch, you don’t have to – Dan’s taken all the guesswork out of it, with twenty complete, professionally-written speeches written explicitly for the Mother of the Bride. (As one pleased customer testimonial says, ‘There are so many different scenarios involved, it’s virtually impossible to find one that doesn’t fit your own circumstances!’)

Every one of these speeches has been deliberately designed in a manner which enables you to pick and choose the aspects of each one that you like the best, and then meld them together into your own, personalized, version.

It’s incredibly simple: all you have to do is change the names and circumstances to suit your own, and voila – a perfect speech in moments.


There’s a whole lot of information in this book, and all of it is detailed, relevant, current, and laid out in a user-friendly and logical way (in fact, the whole book’s so easy to digest that you can read it in an evening, get a full night’s sleep, and have written your speech by 9am the next morning!)

Despite the title, this package doesn’t just deal with the speech-making process: as you read on, a veritable plethora of other informational gems are revealed.

Let’s take a look at the contents:

* 20 top-notch, polished, and highly entertaining speeches that I’ve already mentioned

* More than one hundred quality (and very, very funny) toasts, quotes, jokes, and one-liners that you can paste into your speech as you choose

* Specific, step-by-step instructions for writing your own speech, from preparation to delivery

* Detailed information on speech delivery: how to come across like a professional speech-maker

* Tips for quelling those inevitable stage-fright nerves

* A complete protocol and etiquette for the Mother of the Bride, meaning that you can rise to any occasion with panache

And did I mention that the whole thing is instantly downloadable – within two minutes of making your payment (which, incidentally, is a piffling $19.95: currently reduced from its usual $49.95) the entire book, and all the bonus books, are on your computer awaiting perusal at your leisure.


When you buy Mother of the Bride Speeches: Words of Love, you get a lot more than just the one book (although goodness knows, that’s certainly enough to meet any Mother of the Bride’s requirements!)

In addition, you get a tempting selection of bonus books:

* Bridal Showers to Remember: an instantly-downloadable book packed with ideas for throwing an original and memorable bridal shower

* The Bachelorette Party: an instantly-downloadable book, this one’s dedicated to the hen’s night: themes, cocktails, pranks, and harmless practical jokes to make sure your daughter’s hen’s night is outrageously funny and one-of-a-kind

* Unstoppable Confidence: put together by a professional hypnotherapist, this audio program is guaranteed to melt away even the most persistent pre-speech nerves and boost your confidence levels sky-high. All you have to do is slip on your earphones, sit back, and feel your jitters dissolve away.


Something else that I just couldn’t resist mentioning: a private, free email consultation with Dan Stevens himself.

If there are any questions that remain unanswered after reading the book, all you have to do is send Dan an email and you get a complete, personalized reply in return that’s specific to your query.


All in all, I’m extremely impressed. This really is the complete package: everything you could need to deliver a professional-quality speech (and actually manage to have fun at the same time – something most people don’t normally equate with public speaking!)

But don’t take my word for it: check out this website and see for yourself:

(Make sure you check out some of those impressive testimonials – as far as customer satisfaction goes, they really speak for themselves!)

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book to any and all Mothers of the Bride. In fact, I’d go one further: this one’s unmissable. So don’t miss out!

Maid Of Honor Wedding Speeches

The Maid of Honor is an integral part of the wedding – the Bride’s mainstay. And, as somebody who knows the Bride better than anybody else present (even, arguably, the Groom!), it falls to you, as the Maid of Honor, to ensure that the wedding day is as perfect as it can possibly be.

This responsibility isn’t just limited to the big day itself: it entails a huge number of things. For example, you’re expected to help the bride with all the pre-wedding jobs too, like deciding on venues and themes, shopping for the bridal gown and bridesmaids’ dresses (and giving sincere feedback on all of them!), arranging and attending all the pre-wedding parties, and in general making sure the bride doesn’t get too stressed and is coping OK with all the demands on her.

And that’s not even counting the wedding day itself! The Maid of Honor typically has a myriad of responsibilities on the wedding day (from decorating the venue to welcoming the groom’s mom and dad to making sure that all the reception guests are enjoying themselves), but in general, the one that causes the most universal distress is The Speech.

Yes, the Maid of Honor is one of the lucky few who are duty-bound to make a speech on the day of the wedding.

Traditionally, this speech lasts somewhere between three and five minutes, which doesn’t necessarily sound like all that much – until you think about having to fill that time, as the sole focus of a great deal of people (frequently more than one hundred), with words that are witty, warm, meaningful, eloquent, touching and personal, and – hopefully! – funny.


In short, there’s a lot to know, a lot to learn, and a lot to deal with when you’re the Maid of Honor – and this is where Maid of Honor Speeches – Your Complete ‘How To’ Guide comes in.

This book really does live up to the title: it’s the ultimate resource for the Maid of Honor, comprising detailed information on the speech making process itself (writing, preparing, delivering), and all the information that’s pertinent to the role of the Maid of Honor herself – ensuring that you can rise to any occasion on the big day.


Let’s take a look at specifically what’s included in this book:

* Over twenty top-quality, professionally-written speeches for you to mix and match to your specific, individual requirements (so you can quickly and easily piece together a fantastic speech from the professionally-written samples on hand )

* A complete, detailed, user-friendly guide to writing a great speech for the special occasion – formatted specifically for the Maid of Honor!

* A complete etiquette for the Maid of Honor, which includes all the details necessary for you to be the best friend possible to the Bride on her wedding day

* Proven, tried-and-true speech-writing tips: for those Maids of Honor who want to go all-out and write their own speech from scratch, you get a complete how-to guide (did I mention it’s written by professional speech-makers?)

* Practical tips and advice on professional speech-delivery: how to make yourself look and sound great

* Loads of jokes and one-liners to ensure that your speech is memorable for all the right reasons


It’s always gratifying to get something for nothing. And with Dan Stevens’ Maid of Honor Speeches: Your Complete ‘How To’ Guide, you get three whole bonus books – for free!

Here’s what you get:

* Bridal Showers to Remember: This book supplies you with loads of original, unique ideas for throwing a bridal shower like no other

* The Bachelorette Party: Packed with tips and suggestions for throwing a wild bachelorette party – there’s some pretty innovative stuff in here!

* Total Unstoppable Confidence: Nerves play a big part in how well you pull off your speech-making duties – and let’s not forget about enjoying yourself at the same time! This is a downloadable audio-program that’s been put together by a professional hypnotherapist, so all you have to do is pop your headphones on, sit back, and listen to your speech-making phobias melt away.

Something else that’s guaranteed to come in handy: a private email consultation with the author of the book! If you have any queries, want to ask for advice, or could just do with some feedback, all you have to do is send an email to Dan to get all the information you need – straight from the horse’s mouth.


All in all, this is one impressive information package. Dan’s managed to cover all the bases: he’s included all the information necessary to be a fantastic Maid of Honor, and has somehow managed to do it in a user-friendly, easy-read format: you can read the whole thing in one night, and be preparing your speech the very next day.

This really is one of the few cases where the reality lives up to the title – it really is a complete how-to guide. Don’t miss it.

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Groom Wedding Speeches

Speaking to a large group of people is always at least a trifle daunting, no matter what the occasion.

When you think about the fact that wedding crowds are considered by professional speech-makers to be among the most diverse and difficult audiences around (all different ages, all different stages of inebriation, hardly anybody knows each other or really has much in common except an acquaintance with the happy couple, and – without exception – every single person present is highly significant to either the bride, the groom, or both), is it any wonder that the prospect of making a wedding speech is almost universally dreaded?

Now consider all this from the point of view of the groom. Everything you’ve just read still applies; but in addition, now factor in the points that:

* most grooms aren’t professional speech makers

* most grooms are already considerably bogged down with other responsibilities (such as getting ready for the rest of his life with his bride-to-be!)

* most grooms want to overcome their natural nervousness and inability to verbalize their heartfelt emotions, and deliver a speech that’s warm, witty, meaningful, reflects the significance of the occasion, and – hopefully – gets at least a couple of belly-laughs out of the audience too.


Although this sounds like a task of truly Herculean proportions, there’s actually no need for undue fuss or worry – because somebody’s written a book which caters to the specific speech-making needs of the groom on his big day.

The book’s called Groom Speeches – Say the Right Words at the Right Time, and is specifically designed, with the help of professional speech-writers, to answer all the questions that the groom could ever have about speech-writing and delivery.


This book is the real deal: it proactively deals with every aspect of how to be the best groom that you can be on the big day.

Probably the main selling-point of the book is the speeches themselves: you get access to twenty professionally written groom speeches, and loads of funny, poignant toasts to add in there as well. These speeches have been deliberately written in such a way that you can easily individualize them to meet your own needs: all you have to do is insert the appropriate names and places, and voila: you have a speech that’s guaranteed to evoke emotion and have everyone in stitches for several minutes.

However, there’s a great deal more included than just the speeches themselves. You also get:

* All the information you need for writing your very own speech from scratch (again, these tips are straight from the horse’s mouth)

* All the speech material you could need to deliver a knockout, one-of-a-kind speech that’ll have everyone reminiscing for days afterwards

* Detailed information and practical tips on how to overcome stage fright and public-speaking fears

* The complete etiquette involved in being a Groom, to enable you to be well-informed, knowledgeable, and never at a loss for the right thing to say or do

* Information on how to meet the entertainment needs of your audience – before it’s even speech-making time!

* An entire section on planning and preparing adequately for your speech so that you pull it off flawlessly and with the absolute minimum of pre-speech making nerves

* How to use humor to the best possible effect, plus pages of one-liners and funny quotes that’ll have everyone falling out of their seats with laughter

* Everything you need to know about preparing and delivering a professional-quality speech, in a manner that suits the occasion


As well as all the resources listed above, you also get two whole bonus books for free:

Bachelor Party Ideas: packed with original ideas for throwing the best bachelor party ever, this party will help your best man throw you the stag party you deserve. It’s full of unique themes, cocktails, practical jokes and party gags to make sure your stag ’do is memorable for all the right reasons.

Unstoppable Confidence Audio Program: a downloadable audio program, put together by a professional hypnotherapist, this bonus will have your confidence reaching sky-high levels in no time. All you have to do is slip on your headphones, relax in your chair, and feel your nervousness vanish …


Yes, there’s still more.

Two other things that really do guarantee customer satisfaction are:

* A no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the product, you have eight whole weeks to request a full refund. It’s great to know that this guy’s confident enough in the quality of his product that he can afford to offer this sort of safety-net!

* You get a free, individual email consultation with the man himself: Dan Stevens, author of Groom Speeches – Say the Right Words at the Right Time, so if you have any niggling issues that you want to iron out, all you have to do is write him an email – and get a complete, personalized reply from someone truly in the know!


This product hasn’t put a foot wrong. From beginning to end, it’s got all the information that a groom could ever need on his wedding day: everything you need to be able to handle the event itself, the reception, all your responsibilities, and the speech-making process from start to finish with complete confidence.

The package itself is extremely user-friendly, downloads in seconds, and has got to be the easiest to follow speech-making material on the market – you can read it in one night and be putting together a knockout speech the very next day.

Let the testimonials speak for themselves: when subscribers from around the world were surveyed and asked, “Did Dan’s information help you write and deliver a better speech?” a whopping 93% said “Strongly Agree”!

Father Of The Bride Wedding Speeches

As the father of the Bride, you already have a lot of responsibility on your plate: not just on the wedding day itself, but in the days and weeks that lead up to the event.

Aside from all the organization and orchestration of the wedding and reception details, your number-one duty is to provide your daughter with a solid shoulder to lean upon as her Big Day approaches. This is your time to really be her rock – you’re the one she’ll be turning to when things get a little chaotic (as they undoubtedly will do!)

On top of all these caring, altruistic responsibilities, there’s also the not-so-small matter of keeping yourself sane and as stress-free as possible.

And when you’re expected to make a speech that’s warm, witty, significant, meaningful, and funny – in front of all the people who really matter to you, your family, your new son-in-law, and (most importantly) your daughter, that’s a pretty big ask.

This is where Father of the Bride Wedding Speeches: How to be Witty and Well Prepared comes in: a comprehensive how-to guide by Dan Stevens, experienced public speaker and speech-writer extraordinaire, to writing and delivering the funniest, most eloquent speech of the day.

This handbook has been designed and written specifically to meet the precise needs of the Father of the Bride. It deals with all his traditional and contemporary responsibilities on the day itself and in the time leading up to it: not just the crafting, preparation, and delivery of the speech, but everything you need to know to be the most well-informed, supportive, and confident Father of the Bride that you possibly can be!


This is a pretty detailed guide: there’s a lot of information that’s covered. Let’s take a look at the contents.

In Father of the Bride Wedding Speeches: How to be Witty and Well Prepared you get:

* Immediate access to 20 professionally-written, top quality speeches designed explicitly for the Father of the Bride. These speeches have been written in a manner that enables you to piece together the parts that you like, creating your very own, personalized speech which perfectly suits your individual occasion – and what’s more, they’re officially guaranteed to be adaptable to any situation.

* Over 100 witty, top-quality toasts for you to insert into your speech

* Detailed, easy-to-follow instructions on how to create your own individual speech from scratch

* The complete how-to for delivering your speech like a professional: all the tips and practical advice you need to look and sound great when it really counts!

* The complete protocol and etiquette for the Father of the Bride: all the information necessary for you to fulfil your duties, so you can relax in your role as both a supportive father and a gracious host - who’s never at a loss for the right thing to say or do

* A complete, no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee: if you’re not completely satisfied with your speech-making package, you have a full eight weeks to request your complete refund


Something that’s guaranteed to please is the fact that the book is laid out in such an easy-to-read, mistake-proof format. It seems as though Dan really understands what it’s like to be the Father of the Bride - that there’s little time for poring over densely-written, complex speech-making encyclopedias and 1,000 page Read-Me’s.

A pleasant contrast to the other products on the market, the user-friendliness of this book means that it can be read and absorbed in one night (as is attested to by several of the more-than-impressive testimonials on the book’s site).

Even those Fathers of the Bride who waited until the night before the wedding to prepare their speech still received standing ovations from the wedding crowd (again, you have to read those testimonials to believe it!)…

In all seriousness though, being the Father of the Bride is a large responsibility encompassing hundreds of specific duties both minor and major. Dan Stevens recognizes that it’s not always possible to spend the necessary time in thinking about and preparing your speech – so he’s done it all for you, by creating a speech-making package that’s not only designed specifically for the Father of the Bride, but has been designed to be easily and quickly readable and absorbable. In short, it doesn’t take much in terms of time or effort to put the information contained within this book to good use!

Something else that really ensures every last base is covered is the private email consultation with Dan: for no added charge, Internet customers (who purchase the instantly-downloadable online book, as opposed to the hard copy) receive an individual and personal consultation with Dan Stevens himself. If you have any questions, want more professional advice, or even just some feedback on your speech notes, simply write him an email and get your own personalized reply straight from the horse’s mouth.


Yes, there’s even more …

As well as all the information covered above, you also get three whole bonus books for free:

* Unstoppable Confidence Audio Program: this is a downloadable audio track that’s been put together by a professional hypnotherapist – designed to help even the most petrified potential speech-maker, all you have to do is just put on your earphones and watch your confidence sky-rocket.

* Jokes, Quotes, and One-Liners: This book has over 100 of the funniest jokes to paste into your speech – you’ll have them falling out of their chairs with some of these! Guaranteed to inject hilarity into any wedding speech.

* Classic and Contemporary Sample Toasts: no matter what style of wedding you’re having, there’s a toast in here to augment it – whether it’s formal, casual, or somewhere in between.


This handbook really does cover it all: it’s got everything you need to give a great speech, handle yourself with confidence, keep the wedding day running smoothly, ensure your daughter’s feeling relaxed and happy as she prepares to embark on her new life, and – last but not least! – manage to actually enjoy yourself at the same time!

You can’t put a foot wrong once you’ve read this book: a must-have for any Father of the Bride. 

A Wedding Speech Is An Incredibly Big Deal

Even if the most self-confident people, who are reasonably well versed at public speaking, get the jitters when they’re asked to speak at somebody’s wedding: the weight of expectation resting on you, as the speech-maker, is pretty huge.

After all, you’re being asked to make a major contribution to the course of the day: a day that these two people (as well as scores of their relatives and close friends) will remember for the rest of their lives.
And when you’re the Best Man, the responsibility is even bigger: not only do you have to make a speech, but you make the speech (as the person who knows the groom better than anyone else) and the toast to the bride and groom.

On top of this – a sobering reality in itself! – you’re also one of the main orchestrators of the event. You’ll help to organize the wedding and reception so that it all runs smoothly and heads in the right direction; you’re expected to look after the groom, make sure his breath smells fresh and that he’s not drinking too much; and it’s up to you to make sure that the guests are enjoying themselves, that there are no sozzled hecklers in the crowd, and that – finally - everyone else is performing their duties while simultaneously having a good time.


Is there any room left over for you to have a good time? And are you beginning to understand why most bestman candidates, even though hugely flattered, usually find it difficult not to quail under the sudden weight of all that responsibility?


It’s not just making the speech that’s scary – it’s also coming up with the necessary poignant, personal, pithy, witty, emotional, and meaningful ideas, jokes, and one-liners that make a speech memorable for all the right reasons.

Even for someone who’s accustomed to writing and delivering speeches, this is still a pretty considerable task – and to someone who’s unused to public speech delivery (much less the conception and writing of a speech for such an important occasion), even just the idea of having to do all that is enough to turn one’s creative abilities to jelly.

Fortunately, help is at hand – in the form of an extremely well-written and user-friendly book by Dan Stevens, professional speech-writer extraordinaire.

This book tells you everything you need to know about being an incomparable Bestman – not just how to write and deliver a speech, but your responsibilities, how to handle the inevitable difficulties of the big day, what’s going to be expected of you, how to quell stage-fright and overactive nerves, handy suggestions for a glitch-preventing emergency kit …. all this, as well as twenty professionally written speeches to choose from.

What a relief!


The main attraction of this package is, of course, those twenty exquisitely crafted, witty professional wedding speeches (did I mention that these have been designed to allow you to cut and paste the parts you like, and adjust names and situations, to suit your own individualized needs?)

In addition to this, you also get some pretty in-depth information on how to make your audience laugh, how to use emotion to the best effect in your speech, detailed do’s and don’ts to prevent common slip-ups on the big day, information on speech, toasting, and general wedding etiquette, and practical tips on speech delivery (including some pretty effective stuff on how to quell stage-fright and cope with nerves).

There’s also an entire section that’s dedicated to the more creative Best Men: you get professional advice on writing your very own speech, what to consider when using a professional writer, a list of clever quotes for extra zest, and top ten tips for being the star of the day (after the bride and groom, of course!)


In addition to the actual book itself, you also get a whole bunch of tempting (and useful!) freebies, too.
For example, you get four handy bonus books:

- ‘Total Unstoppable Confidence’, which tells you how to eliminate nervousness and anxiety. This comes as a downloadable audio-track, written and delivered by a professional hypnotherapist - so all you have to do is put your headphones on, sit back, and soak up the information
- ‘Jokes, Quotes, and One-Liners’, which teaches you how to make the funniest speech of the day
- ‘Bachelor Party Ideas’, which is full of fresh ideas for themes, cocktails, practical jokes, and pranks for the most original bucks’ night bash ever
- ‘Sample Toasts’, which supplies you with over 100 sample toasts in a variety of styles, humors, and conventions

One other bonus which I thought was particularly useful is the private email consultation - with Dan Stevens himself, no less. If you have questions about your upcoming speech, want to run a few ideas by a professional, or just need some more advice, all you have to do is write him an email – and he’ll personally answer your email himself. Pretty impressive!


Altogether, this is a pretty impressive package. Dan’s got all the bases covered here – a huge variety of relevant, useful information on every single aspect of being a Best Man, from the speech-writing and delivery itself to handling problematic guests to wedding etiquette.

In short: literally everything you’ll ever need to pull off your responsibilities as Best Man with style and panache are included here.

But don’t take my word for it: check it out for yourself (and have a look at a couple of those testimonials while you’re there – if they don’t convince you, then nothing will!)

The verdict? Two thumbs up for Dan Stevens’ Best Man Speeches – it really is the Best Man’s ultimate resource

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Funny And Hilarious Wedding MC Jokebook

The true story of what REALLY happened to a first time
Wedding MC who used the Wedding MC Jokebook

Dear Fellow Wedding MC...

The following story is true.

The outcome might shock you.

And I’m going to let this “newbie” Wedding MC tell you - in his own words - what REALLY happened at an exclusive wedding reception he MC'd....

“The Groom Was Almost in Tears”
Hey Guys,

I rarely ever write letters or emails to express my satisfaction with something, nor do I write them when I am displeased (to be fair) either.

But I have to tell you guys, I purchased the Wedding MC Joke Book and downloaded it sometime last week.

I was the MC at an upscale wedding with 250 guests at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman this past weekend.

Now I must say that I am not new to public speaking, but I had never been a Wedding MC before.

I had no material and was virtually grasping at anything I could find until I came across your book.

In reading some of the jokes, I found them to be amusing, but was unsure how the crowd would react.

Let me tell you, THEY LOVED THEM.

The groom was almost in tears - and not from the pounding he was taking from me.

I was able to use your joke delivery coaching, as well. The Cayman Islands are used to very formal weddings with mild jokes and absolutely nothing off-color because folks are easily offended here. The jokes I chose from your book were perfect for the audience at hand.

Thanks again for making this available. I will keep it very handy, as I was approached by numerous folks after the wedding asking if I MC’d professionally and if I would do the same for their friends and family. Hmmm, maybe if the price is right.


Brad Watts
Vice President of Operations, Bodden Holdings
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

It's an amazing story, isn't it?

It goes to show what's possible when you have great material to work with.

And it gives you a small taste of what it’s like to.... Be A Smashing Hit Even If You're A First Time Wedding MC

Download The Wedding MC Jokebook Here
(Safe, secure, instant access - 24 Hours A Day - 7 Days A Week - 365 Days A Year)

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Inspirational Wedding Speeches And Toasts

Welcome To This Site For Professionally Written And Inspirational
Wedding Speeches And Toasts...

Your Source For Step-by-step Guides That Walk You Through Everything You Need to Know to Create Your Own Inspirational Speech!

Hi, we are Dan Stevens and Sally Samuels, authors of the following books:

* Best man speeches: Be Fearless, Funny and Flawless!
* Bride speeches: Beautiful Words for a Beautiful Occasion!
* Father of the bride speeches: How to be Witty and Well Prepared!
* Groom Speeches: Say the Right Words at the Right Time!
* Maid of honor speeches: Your Complete 'How to' Guide!
* Mother of the bride speeches: Words of Love!

We have built this web site to provide speech givers out there the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing their wedding speech will be fantastic. We have given many speeches and have researched as much speech-making information as we could find, attended seminars of many well known professional speakers, surveyed customers to find out their exact wants and needs, all with the aim of providing you with fresh and up to date material that will help you write and deliver the killer speech.

In fact we guarantee it! That's right, if you feel that our speech packages doesn't help you deliver a speech that everyone loves then we will refund 100% of your money... All you have to do is let us know WITHIN 60 days of purchasing your speech package!

Read some of the Success Stories below:

Success Story #1 Sent in by Mother of A Bride
"Thank you for providing me with such worthwhile material that made my job so much more enjoyable and that much easier."

Success Story #2 Sent in by Mother of A Bride
"I would recommend WeddingSpeech4U to my family & friends, because it gave me the confidence and ideas I needed to write a thoughtful and meaningful speech."

Success Story #3: Sent in by Mother of A Bride
"Even the day after people were still talking about my speech - I can hardly believe it."

Success Story #1 Sent in by A Best Man
"This is an invaluable resource that I would recommend to anyone that is involved in a wedding. It saved me hours of time and made it clear in my head what i was actually required to do."

Success Story #4 Sent in by A Best Man
"Everyone came up to me during the reception to tell me what a wonderful speech that was."

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